Matcha green tea bars

A few weeks ago I visited the brilliant Allergy and Free From show in London – the first year I’ve actually managed to go! It was really fun to be able to go around and sample lots of yummy food. I made it my mission to find the best free-from brownie around: keep an eye out for future posts, I think I can replicate the texture of a real fudgy, crusted brownie if I just accept I have to use a bit more sweetener. I reckon I can do it with a lot less than most brands (even the free-from/’healthy’ ones) use though!

One of my favourite things there was a matcha green tea bar from Miss Nutritionist – the Green TNT (naturally!). I decided to try and make something similar using what I had at home, and I think it came pretty close (although I didn’t try to replicate it exactly, as I wanted to make it a bit higher in protein than it already is).


I used:

90g cashew butter, 50g gluten free oats, 10g matcha powder, 80g dates, 20g shredded coconut meat, a bit of vanilla from the pod, about 65g rice/pea protein (you could also use coconut or almond flour if you wanted), 20g coconut oil and 70ml coconut milk.



Whizz it all up, let it set in the fridge (make sure you press it down tightly – you want a fudgy, creamy texture rather than a crumbly/grainy one), and if you want to, top it with a drizzle of dark 100% chocolate and/or some dessicated coconut.


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