Chorizo stuffed beef

Next time you’re doing roast beef, why not mix it up a bit and stuff it with some tasty chorizo? This not only gets points for taste, but bonus points for looking impressive (and much more impressive than the minimal amount of extra effort warrants).

Simply cut a slit in your beef joint (halfway to three-quarters of the way through the middle, you don’t want to slice all the way through – think of it like a book with a solid spine). Chop your chorizo into chunks, you could also at this stage add herbs, extra veggies, nuts, etc., but we kept it simple.

Roast for the specified cooking time (either written on the pack or using an online calculator), leave to rest for 20-30 mind after cooking, and then enjoy with your choice of delicious sides!

Key tip: calculate the cooking time for your beef joint and cook accordingly! It may even take slightly less time than you think because it is cut open. I definitely overcooked this so it was well done rather than medium rare (oops…), but thankfully it was still edible and tasty 🙂

Mmm look at that stuffing!

Serve with lots of veggies! We had roast cauliflower, mixed Mediterranean vegetables, roast broccoli, pickled red cabbage, salad and kale and spinach wilted in the onion and garlic beef gravy.

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