Lemon drizzle flapjacks


-450g gluten free oats

-2 large lemons (organic and unwaxed)

-4 eggs

-35g each pea and rice protein (approx 2tbsp each)

-1tbsp honey

-60g dairy-free spread (I used Pure)

-2tbsp coconut sugar

-a little almond milk as needed (to loosen the batter – mix this in at the end, you want a thick batter that doesn’t pour, but spreads easily in the tin)

-1tbsp coconut oil

-1tsp baking powder 

-1tsp apple cider vinegar

– dash each of cinnamon and vanilla


1. Wash and de-seed the lemons before blending whole (you want the juice as well as lovely chunks of peel).

– Mix all ingredients (including blitzed lemon) in a large bowl – aim for thick batter as described above. Add almond milk/extra protein as needed to get the right consistency.  Add more honey/coconut sugar if needed – I like these tart but make them sweeter if you need to!

Bake at 180 degrees for 45 mins to an hour, or until the tops and edges turn golden.  Leave to cool before slicing, decorate with icing if desired.

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