Pecan and brazilnut vanilla cheesecake

Following another wonderful day with the ProteinPOW gang (this time for an awesome workshop* at Food at 52), I had two “issues”:

  1. I had a massive pecan nut and hemp protein monster bar that was delicious but confused (it couldn’t quite figure out what it wanted to be in life…); and
  2. I realised that I don’t think I’d ever had a baked cheesecake before! At least, not for many, many years. Chilled or frozen dairy-free cheesecakes? Yep, made hundreds of those. But no baked ones.

Then…a miracle happened. I got home from work with enough time to cook! I grabbed the chance and decided to try making a dairy-free baked cheesecake.


For the base, I crushed up my confused pecan protein bar with a couple of chopped brazilnuts (you can use anything you like for the base – I usually use a combination of dates blitzed with either crushed up nuts, gluten-free oatcakes or any leftover biscuits).


For the filling, I blended 250g natural Coyo coconut yoghurt, 1 cup egg whites, 40g rice protein and some vanilla pod scrapings. I also added a little bit of Sukrin’s natural granulated sweetener. I’ve never used it before, but thought I’d give it a try. You could add any sweetener you like.

I baked it at 160 degrees for around 40 minutes, checking after the first 25 minutes for “the wobble” every 10 minutes or so. You don’t want to overshoot “the wobble” or your cheesecake won’t be lovely and creamy on the inside!


*Check out the pictures from the workshop here: Even better – get involved! Details of future workshops and events can be found here:, and you can drop Anna an email at at to register your interest. Do it, do it now – it’ll be so much fun!

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