Polenta-crusted cod

When I bought my Vitamix, I was given a free trial of a soup delivery box – as in, a box of veggies and recipes to make soup with said veggies, using the Vitamix. Most of the soup recipes were lovely, but nothing special enough to make me want to contiue with a subscription box!

Anyway, one of the recipes came with a small bag of polenta to make dumplings with for the top of one of the soups. I didn’t end up using it, so the bag sat in my cupboard for a few months, until now! The polenta crust on the fish provides a lovely crunch.


Polenta-crusted cod:

-4 cod fillets

-1 egg, beaten

-40g polenta

-herbs/spices to taste (I used chili, black pepper, parsley and mixed herbs)

Method: coat the fish fillets in egg before dipping in the polenta/herb mix. Pan-fry at a high heat in some coconut oil for a bit of colour, then put in the oven at around 140 C to finish cooking through and stay warm whilst you plate everything else up.



Chunky miso-carrot mash

-400g carrots

-2 tbsp sweet white miso paste

Method: boil carrots and mash together with the miso. Simples.



-raw salad of radicchio rosso, watercress, spinach, rocket, mini tomatinos and yellow Daterrini vine tomatoes

-stir-fried kale and rainbow chard

-steamed purple asparagus and tenderstem broccoli

-baked purple sweet potato chips


Method: go wild and eat alllll the fooood!



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