Cinnamon protein waffles

So, at the BBC Good Food Show a few weeks ago, I MAY have mentioned these amazing waffles a few times. Maybe more than a few times?

Anyway, there’s a reason for that. THEY ARE SO GOOD.

I’ve made quite a few batches of these now (all in the name of research, of course – hey, I’m not complaining!) and I think I’ve finally perfected the proportions for a perfect single-person portion of fluffy, crisp on the outside waffles. If you’re cooking for multiple people, or just want to keep some leftovers as a snack for later, you can of course double/triple the quantities of ingredients before. If you don’t eat them straight away, you might want to put them under the grill for a minute or two to crisp up again before you eat them, but that’s up to you.


Ingredients for two waffles (one portion):

  • 20g Protein Pow pea mix
  • 1 egg
  • a little almond milk (I used around 1/4 cup)
  • 1 tsp of the sweetener of your choice (I used agave)
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • a liberal helping of Linwoods Milled Flaxseed, Chia, Apple & Cinnamon! Go crazy, this stuff is deliciouuussss…..



Mix up the batter, pour it into your waffle maker (or make pancakes with it if you just have a pan), and you’ll be rewarded with some delightfully crispy, fluffy and delectable waffles! I have to admit I don’t actually know how long these need to stay in the waffle maker for – I have to distract myself with washing up etc. because otherwise I will go crazy waiting for them to be done. Probably 3 minutes? Don’t open it up too soon or they’ll rip, but don’t leave them so long that they burn? And on that helpful note…


Look at the perfect texture!!

I served mine with Coyo date and tamarind ice cream (yum!), blueberries and an extra sprinkle of the Linwoods mix. Hey, what can I say – that stuff is goooooood!

Macros for the waffles:

-17g protein

-12g fat

-26g carbs (20g net)

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