Rainbow protein balls

Aren’t these just so beautiful?!

And they’re absolutely bursting with flavour and nutrients thanks to the delicious freeze-dried berry powders used to give them their bright, vibrant colours.


These are all gluten-free and vegan as well 🙂

The base for each is the same:

– equal parts Protein Pow pea protein mix and plain rice protein

– cashew butter (just a bit less than the amount of protein powder you’re using)

– a small drizzle of agave (adjust or omit to your own tastes, or you can use another sweetener of your choice)

– a little almond milk (just enough to make the dough nice and pliable – you don’t want it to crumble apart when you roll the truffles, but you don’t want it to stick to your hands)

Then – the really fun part! Mix in flavourings of your choice, and roll or otherwise decorate however you like!

The variations pictured are:

– Blackberry

– Lingonberry sherbert

– Black tahini and date

– Matcha and coconut

– Bilberry and flaxseed

– Cinnamon apple pie

– Tart sea buckthorn

And, yes. The ones in the middle may be from where I rolled together scraps of all the flavours to create a giant monster protein ball!


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