Apple pie protein truffles

Whew! Still buzzing (and a tiny bit exhausted!) from the weekend’s shenanigans at the BBC Good Food Eat Well Show 2016, where I had the pleasure of working with Anna, Daniel, Chris, Will and Lewis as part of Team Pow! Over the course of three days, we ran twelve protein bar and truffle-making workshops (for a total of around 250 people) and made literally thousands of delicious protein truffles for visitors to the show to sample.


Whilst Lewis focused (and I mean, really focused!) on making batches of (repeatedly perfect) cookie dough truffles* using the whey protein mix, I made truffles using the vegan pea protein mix. At first, I made batches of delicious vegan protein brownies, as we often make for in-store samplings (because they’re just so good!). However, eventually I couldn’t resist the lure of the ingredients table any longer…I went rogue. Cue *shock* and *horror*!

The beauty of these mixes though is that you just can’t go wrong. You play around with the ingredients, and if your batter hasn’t turned out quite how you wanted it to, you throw in more stuff until it’s absolutely perfect. Ain’t nobody got time to be eating mediocre truffles and all that!


And that, my friends, is how these beautiful apple pie truffles were born. I had been eyeing up the Linwoods mix of milled flaxseed, chia, apple and cinnamon for hours, and realised that it was absolutely gorgeous combined with cashew butter, Protein Pow’s pea mix, a splash of almond milk and a little agave to sweeten. The rough recipe is below, but of course you can play around with these proportions (in particular, the amount of sweetener) to suit your own tastes:

-equal amounts of Protein Pow pea cooking mix and cashew butter (start with around 2 tbsp)

-1 tbsp sweetener (I mainly used agave, but these are also nice with half agave and half date syrup)

-a splash of almond milk (just enough to help you get that all-important playdough texture when you work the dough with your hands)

-Linwoods Milled Flaxseed, Chia, Apple & Cinnamon mix


Once you’ve got a pliable dough, roll it into truffles (using around 1 or 2 tsp per truffle) and then either eat straight away (highly recommended) or, if you’re patient enough, roll in some more of the Linwoods mix for extra apple-y, cinnamon-y deliciousness! You can even decorate using pieces of dried fruit as I have in some of these pictures.

These ended up being so popular at the show that people kept coming back asking when a new batch would be made. I even had to go over to some of the other exhibitors’ stands to warn them that a fresh batch was on its way out to the sample area, so they didn’t miss out!



Did you join us for a workshop at the BBC Good Food Show? Would love to hear how you enjoyed your delicious, bespoke truffles! If you tried any of our samples, I’d also love to hear which ones were your favourites!


*Lewis’ delicious protein cookie dough recipe can be found here:


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