Bakewell tart bites

The novelty of getting home from work at a reasonable time (okay, so ‘late’ by most peoples’ standards!) inevitably means I feel I have to make the most of the time. Top of my to-do list? Making yummy food!

These bakewell tart bites have been formulating in my mind for a couple of weeks now. My first attempt at the weekend was delicious, but hardly beautiful. Exhibit 1:

2016-04-20 20.46.08

I was determined to make slightly more appetising ones…bring on the layering!

2016-04-21 06.20.05


~220g protein mix (I used Protein Pow’s pea mix, which is great for baking and making raw bars like these, along with some Pulsin’ rice protein because I love the taste :D)

-150g sour cherries (I wanted fresh, but could only find frozen – use whichever is available!)

-50g dried sour cherries

-1 tsbp crunchy almond butter

-40g almonds, plus extra flaked almonds to decorate

-1 tbsp coconut oil

-4 tsp almond extract

-2 tbsp honey

-almond milk as needed (this will vary, largely depending on the type of protein you use)

-2 tbsp grass-fed, unsweetened beef gelatin (or a vegetarian one of your choice)

-vanilla powder


Bottom layer: 40g almonds blitzed up with the dried cherries and some vanilla, pressed hard into the base of the tin.

‘Marzipan’ layer: about 50g rice protein, mixed with 2 tsp almond extract and tiny amounts of almond milk added gradually until a very thick paste forms (spread over the solid base).

Cherry jelly layer: I pureéd the frozen cherries and then heated the liquid in a pot to reduce down. Once the heat was reduced down to a simmer, I added the gelatin to thicken. Once a thick but slightly runny jelly had formed, I spread this over the marzipan layer (this works best if the bars have set slightly, e.g. in the fridge, whilst making the jelly).

Top layer: basically everything else, mixed together to form a slightly sticky (but not wet) protein bar layer. Add more or less almond extract to taste, and top with the flaked almonds (you may want to press these in slightly).

2016-04-21 06.20.40

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