Black sesame energy balls

What do you do when you wake up at 5am after getting home from a flight at 12am? Make protein balls of course!

I mixed in some of this delicious goldenberry and chia mix (–Chia-Powder-Blend/311556011), as well as Aduna baobab powder for a lovely natural energy boost.

-120g protein powder

-3 tbsp tahini

-1 tsp honey (add more if you’d like them a bit sweeter)

-2 tbsp baobab powder

-2 tbsp goldenberry / chia mix

-1 tbsp maca powder

– almond milk to bind

-black sesame seeds to roll in

2016-04-07 20.08.202016-04-07 20.07.38

(This made about 18)


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