Roast leg of lamb with spiced cauliflower rice

Who doesn’t love a good Sunday roast? I haven’t had one for a while, so decided to rectify that with a particularly epic one!

I put half a leg of lamb in my slow cooker with bay leaves, cardamom seeds, cumin, cinnamon, chili, red onion, garlic, star anise and allspice – leaving it on high for about 5 hours while I went about my day, and straight into the oven on a high heat at the end for 20 minutes while I prepared everything else.

2016-03-20 14.39.23

I made cauliflower rice out of 2 medium heads of cauliflower, and mixed it with 80g toasted cashews, some flaked almonds, 20g toasted pine nuts, some dried rose petals, about 15g barberries and 30g raisins, and collard greens, along with some of the reduced juices from the lamb. I topped it with some gorgeous pomegranate…and then devoured it 😀

2016-03-20 14.39.59

Happy Sunday, all!

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