Smoked salmon, fennel and grapefruit toasts

Full disclosure: there was a moment when I was making these that I was beginning to regret this flavour combination…salmon and fennel go well together, grapefruit and fennel go well together, but a mouthful of salmon and grapefruit alone? Hmm…I wasn’t convinced.

2016-01-17 08.24.40

However, I’m glad I kept going because the end result is actually quite delicious 🙂 All the flavours together, on a lovely crunchy slice of toast…mmm. I was too busy this week to make my own bread, so cheated and used shop-bought gluten-free bread…never quite as good, but it satisfied the craving for something crunchy!

2016-01-17 08.24.48

This is a bit of a faff to make for breakfast unless you already have the fennel roasted. However, it wasn’t a problem for me as I just had it in the oven to roast whilst I was preparing other food to go into my slow cooker.

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