Orange and pistachio bliss balls

I love to have a stash of these types of snacks in the freezer, perfect for a quick breakfast before heading off to the gym – filled with protein and fats to give sustained energy.

This is a special recipe for me – the first thing I made in my amazing new Vitamix! I’ve been waiting to buy it for SO LONG and was finally able to. I was almost too excited when it arrived, but had to wait to be able to play with it because I kept getting home from work too late.

2015-10-10 10.03.54

But…it’s here, and it’s awesome, and I can make yummy bliss balls like these in a flash (and without as much of a faff as using my small food processors…)!

To make around 20, I used:

-The rind from 2 organic unwaxed oranges (plus a couple of segments)

-350g pistachios

-2 tbsp St Dalfour chunky marmalade (optional, but I had some to hand)

-50g each rice and pea protein

-20g cacao butter

2 tbsp coconut oil

2015-10-10 10.03.59

I blitzed it all up, rolled into balls and dusted with some leftover pistachios (ground).

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