Fish tacos with strawberry and nectarine guacamole

Well…tacos except I didn’t bother making the wraps crispy! I guess you could rest them over a curved oven-proof dish to make them more taco-like. But anyway…


I made a strawberry and nectarine guacamole using 2 avocados, quite a lot of strawberries, one nectarine, a little bit of basil and coriander, a handful of cherry tomatoes, 1/4 of a red chili and some lime zest and juice. This ended up being really yummy…but the colour was a little bit weird!

I cooked a haddock fillet with cumin, black pepper and chili, and cooked. I then cooked prawns in chili and paprika, along with some asparagus tips and spinach.


I had this with diced cucumber and radish, for a yummy, crunchy, juicy wrap!


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