Harissa chicken stuffed eggplant

For this, I started by marinating my diced chicken breast in a mild harissa I made (very very mild, and completely non-authentic, but still tasty enough!). This was made by blitzing up: 2 dried chilis, 1 red bell pepper, 3 cloves garlic, 1 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp white wine vinegar and a pinch each of salt, cumin and coriander.


The next day, I halved 3 eggplants, and baked them at 375 F for about 15 minutes (cut side down), until softened, but not too soft. I scooped out the middles, leaving four ‘walls’ (which would prevent the chicken falling out later on).


I then stir-fried my marinated chicken in coconut oil with diced garlic and onion, before adding sliced mushrooms, kale and fresh basil.

When this was cooked, I filled the eggplant boats and baked for another 15 minutes or so at 375 until hot.

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