Zingy Fruit Sorbet

At last, the weather is improving! And sometimes on a warm, sticky day, there is just nothing better than some cold, refreshing fruit sorbet to cool you down. All you need is some fruit – it can be fresh, but if it is already frozen, this whole process will be that much faster as you won’t have to wait around for your treat to freeze! I generally chop ripe fruit and store in the freezer in advance – I put it in smoothies as well as these sorbets.


I find that the best fruits for sorbets are ones that are quite tart and tangy – think cherries, raspberries, blueberries, mangoes, pineapple etc. You can also add in fruits like pears and watermelon, or juice and zest from citrus fruit. Be creative 🙂

For this, I used cherries, watermelon and pear. Just blitz them all together with a hand blender (you shouldn’t need to add any water unless they are rock-solid frozen) and there you have it!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

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