Scallops and leeks with crispy pancetta

Scallops and leeks go so well together, and the slight sweetness of the scallops pairs nicely with the saltiness of the pancetta.


As always, this is (I hope!) pretty straightforward to make. I just fried the pancetta cubes in a small amount of coconut oil on a high heat until nice and crispy, before removing from the pan. I then sautéed the leeks and took out when just softened. Finally, after preparing my kale (or other salad you want to serve it with), I pan-fried my scallops. Watch these carefully, as they will turn out chewy if you over-do them! I tend to leave them until they have turned opaque about 3/4 of the way up the scallop, before turning to finish the other side for a minute or so – they shouldn’t need long on the second side.


Put everything together, and enjoy!


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