Lamb koftas

Having grown up in the Middle East, it’s probably unsurprising that I love Arabic food! One of the things I look forward to the most whenever I go back to visit is lamb kofta. Lamb (usually just labelled as ‘meat’ on menus, given its popularity) over there just tastes so much nicer than in the UK!

I was in the mood for lamb koftas, so put some together for dinner last night. I simply mixed minced lamb with a spice blend (baharat – which you can, of course, make from scratch, but I didn’t have all of the ingredients to hand) and shaped into small koftas. I actually made a couple with za’atar instead of baharat as well, because I’m (ever so slightly) obsessed with za’atar. At the moment, I’ve been having it with everything: in dips, as a spread, as a seasoning for any meat or fish, in my scrambled eggs. Everything.









I impulse-bought some chopping boards to use as serving boards, as they always look so pretty in food pictures! Here’s hoping they’ll improve the aesthetics of my compositions!







I served it with crispy roast sweet potato chunks, roasted courgette and aubergine, wilted spinach, tabbouleh (which I will detail in a separate post later) and a mint, cucumber and coconut milk dip.

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