Cue the Beyonce.

I haven’t eaten jelly for YEARS. Usually, it’s full of preservatives and chemicals (not to mention obscene amounts of sugar!) so I’ve preferred to steer clear.

However, my mum recently suggested making it using gelatine and orange juice. A fiendish obsession with jelly was born!

This is a ridiculously simple recipe – you just dissolve gelatine (powdered or leaf, I used beef but you could use any you can find – obviously grass-fed is better) in the required amount of warm liquid, and add fresh ingredients to taste! I just smush up fruit with a hand blender and add to the plain jelly mix before setting in the fridge. If you want it to set clear (like commercial jellies) then it’s a good idea to strain it first. I quite like it with the bits in though, but I’ve made it with bits and without. Both are tasty.

You won’t need to add any sweetener (other than the fresh fruit – and not even much of that!) to these in order for them to taste amazing. Unless your taste-buds are a bit wonky from eating processed rubbish. In which case, you’re clearly on the wrong blog.

I’ve made a wide selection over the past few days…and eaten it all. Obviously. Do I feel guilty? Not even slightly. Here are a few of my attempts so far:








(L-R: Orange, blackberry, raspberry, lemon)

Panna cotta

(Yes, with coconut milk!)



I bought some fresh mint so I might try that later…or mint and lemon. Or raspberry and mint. Or strawberry and mint. The possibilities are endless…I just wish the yummy end product was as well!


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